About the Project

Vancouver Island University has had the privilege and responsibility of implementing this QES-funded program since 2015. The initial phase of VIU’s Building Resiliency in Coastal Communities (BRiCC) program (2015-2019) provided funding to graduate scholars from Belize to complete their Master's degree at VIU and enabled 2 Canadian undergraduate/graduate students to explore, broaden their understanding of the world, and contribute to the important developmental work being undertaken by VIU’s international community partners through international internships.

The second phase of the project (2018-2021) provided funding to 3 graduate scholars from Tanzania to complete Master's degrees at VIU and 6 Canadian undergraduate students to complete internships abroad (Vietnam and Tanzania).

Due to COVID-19, we will extend our project activities into 2022.

QES Community of Scholars

VIU has facilitated the development of a vibrant QES Community of Scholars; a student network that is making a change on Vancouver Island, Belize, Tanzania and beyond.


VIU has strong partnerships and vast experience in each of the proposed BRiCC Knowledge Network partner countries.

In Belize, VIU has worked alongside our Belizean colleagues for the past 15 years to implement Phase 1 of VIU’s current QES program, as well as conducting field schools, internships, and practica for VIU students. Vancouver Island University and the University of Belize partnered to deliver a major fisheries project in 1999, and the relationship has broadened to include intercultural learning experiences, exchanges and collaboration. Over the past 15 years, VIU Geography, Forestry, Education, Biology, Tourism, Physical Education, Geology Global Studies and Baking students have attended field schools or successfully completed valuable internships with local organizations in Belize.

In Tanzania, VIU has a wealth of experience managing funded multi-stakeholder development projects in collaboration with our Tanzanian colleagues. To learn more about these projects, see International Projects.

Scholar Supports

VIU’s Education Abroad office approves and supports students travelling on internships all across the globe.

Through the pre-departure resources, in-person workshops, online courses and checklist work, students are supported in their dreams of studying abroad, with the resources needed to ensure they embark as prepared as possible to deal with the ever-changing challenges and opportunities that come with the adventure of international travel.