Community of Scholars

A Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship is a prestigious award. Recipients are excellent scholars, who are committed to making a difference in their home countries. VIU's Building Resilience in Coastal Communities program is expected to make a difference to coastal communities in Belize and on Vancouver Island.

As part of the program, Scholars will join a broader 'Community of Scholars', including QE II Scholarship recipients from other Canadian universities across Canada. The responsibility for participation will involve disseminating findings, networking, making presentations, organizing or participating in national and local events, mentoring other Scholars, and actively and creatively supporting the success of the BRiCC program.

Becoming part of this Community of Scholars will help BRiCC QE II Scholars to ensure their work is connected to other work within the Commonwealth, provide Scholars with opportunities to build lifelong relationships with like-minded colleagues, and to network for future employment.